Monday, January 26, 2009

11 weeks

11 weeks! Crazyness.

We've gone from a poppy seed, to sesame seed, to a lentil bean, to a blueberry, to a kidney bean, to a grape, to a kumquat, and now a fig. I'm really not sure why BabyCenter feels to need to compare the size of the baby to food - but I guess it works.

In case you weren't sure a fig is about 1.5 inches, so the baby is about 1.5 inches. This week bones are starting to harden, little teeth buds are starting to form, and the baby is moving around like crazy. No, I'm not feeling the baby move and won't for a while. To read the entire update for week 11 click here.

I think I've hit the "Fat Stage." I couldn't button my comfy pants today and I'm starting to get a little bump. However, the rest of the world would just think I'm getting fat. I must say the Bella Bands have been a huge help. I have no desire to buy maternity pants right now - I'm trying to wait as long as possible. I am trying to be a little bit better about what I eat (as I get up and get a brownie). The good thing is that fresh fruit always sounds good. Oranges, pineapple, strawberries and grapes are top on my list. Oranges and anything orange flavored is my favorite.

We received our first baby gift today. One of my co-workers gave me a little bag this morning. My plan was to bring it home to open with Brad but I'm a dork and left it sitting next to my desk. I did peek inside and see something pink. I'm guessing her guess at the sex is a girl. I think I'll put up a poll in the next few days and y'all can fun guessing the gender.

Next week (Wednesday) it's back to the doctor. If all is good we'll be giving our families the green light to share the news.

Here's to another good week!

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