Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Huge Sigh of Relief

I had my second appointment today. Everything is good! Woohoo!

Baby is measuring right on schedule, 8w2d. We saw the heartbeat but didn't get to hear it. Probably next visit. It's amazing how much the little one has grown in two weeks. Last time we saw a dot. This time it was a kidney bean (Brad's nickname of the week) with arms and legs starting to develop. I admit it - I couldn't really see anything put a fuzzy blob that had a little flicker. :) Next sonogram will be 18-20 weeks to determine gender. YES, we will be finding out!

We told some of our co-workers today. It was kinda fun. I went and told my direct boss first and then my director. Apparently people thought I was quitting. I told them in their offices with the door closed - closed doors are a rare thing around our office.

I'll try to post our sonogram picture tomorrow - I'm too lazy tonight and Real World just started.

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