Thursday, June 11, 2009

Questions, Questions and More Questions!

Pregnany makes people ask you lots and lots of questions. If you've ever been pregnant or are currently pregnant - you know what I'm talking about. If you ever plan on getting pregnant - get ready for the questions. You'll be surprised by what some people ask you.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and comments I've receieved. I don't mind the questions or comments from the people that I know. It's I'm not a fan of the questions, comments and judgements from complete strangers. They are in no particular order.

- Are you excited?
- Was this planned?
- How long have y'all been married? (you can almost see them do the math in their head)
- Are you going to find out if its a boy or girl? (often followed by - why?)
- What do you want - boy or girl?
- Do you have a gut feeling if it's a boy or girl?
- Are you going to take the drugs?
- Do you have a name picked out yet?
- Are you going to share the the name once you decide?
- Are you sure you can eat that?
- Why can't you eat that?
- Are you going back to work?
- How much time are you going to take off?
- It's really funny that Brad is going to have a girl. (This one really bothers him)
- Did you buy a shotgun yet? You'll need one if you have a girl.
- Are you going to nurse?
- Are you going to take weekly belly pictures?
- Can I take a picture of your belly?
- How much weight have you gained?
- How are you feeling?
- Have you registered for a Labor and Delivery Class? (NO!)
- You don't look like you are that far along.

I'll add more to the list as I get them.


  1. You must have a darn cute belly if people ask to take a pic of it! I was very entertained by all the questions!

  2. Not a cute belly - just a strange lady. She's not happy with me because I don't take weekly belly pictures. She wants me to do it so bad that she's offered, multiple times, to take the belly pictures for me. She wants a copy for her. She's just strange.

  3. Have you started on the Nursery?

  4. How is the dog going to handle the baby?

  5. I was nodding my head at several of these questions - and I haven't even told that many people yet!! I also already had a lady at the vet tell me that she hopes I have a girl so she can give me all of her baby clothes. Keep in mind, I see this woman about once a year or so.



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