Monday, January 19, 2009

10 weeks!

I love Mondays!

Strange, I know. But Mondays are when the weeks change for counting the baby's development. Today marks 10 weeks. Double digits. 210 more days to go until D-day. (I'm not counting down the days at all).

Baby is the size of a kumquat, about 1.25 inches. Baby is swallowing, kicking, and organs are starting to function. Baby now has fingers and toes - no more webbing - and peach fuzz hair is starting to grow. To read the entire week 10 update click here. We've been reading Bible stories to the little kumquat every night. Yes, I know the baby doesn't have ears yet, but it's a good habit for us to get into. And probably a good refresher for us, too :)

Apparently my uterus has grown from the size of a small pear to a grapefruit. Some of my pants have noticed. Thanks to my growing uterus and bloating I get really uncomfortable by days end in certain pants. I think I've only gain about 2lbs since my first visit but it really feels like a lot more. I gave in and made by first "baby" purchase, a couple of Bella Bands. I wore one Saturday and loved it! Hopefully I won't have to buy any maternity pants for a little bit longer.

Food and I have developed a love/hate relationship. If I feel like I'm going to throw-up and the thought of eating makes that feeling worse - I need to eat. I've learned to only eat about half of the food on my plate. If I eat more than that, I feel like crap. Things sound good all day long, but when it comes to actually eating a PB&J sandwich is all I really want. And oranges always sound good.

As always, please keep us in your prayers.

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