Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project 365 - Week #8

The weather here has been wonderful lately! I think winter forgot us this year and I'm okay with that! We spent a lot of time outside this week. Here's a quick rundown of pics from this week. Enjoy!

Saturday, Feb. 18  - Emily picked out her own clothes today. She was so excited to go out to lunch with daddy in her special outfit. I love her silly smile in this picture.

Sunday, Feb. 19 - Bubble time!

Monday, Feb. 20 - Cleaning up out front with Daddy.

Tuesday, Feb. 21 - Cookie! Enjoy her Mardi Gras themed cookie. She's saying cheese and trying to eat her cookie at the same time.

Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Bed time! She crawled up into this chair, ready to go to bed all on her own.

Thursday, Feb. 23 - Snuggle time before bedtime.

Friday, Feb. 24 - Emily had a busy Friday! We spent the morning at the zoo with some friends. The three girls had a great time checking out all of the animals and running all over the place. That evening, Nonie and Peepaw spent the night with Emily so Brad and I could celebrate our 5th anniversary. She went to the park, out for frozen yogurt, and played and played. She was a happy (and tired) little girl.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365 - Week #7

Here we are at week #7. I'm learning that some days it's so easy to take a picture because something cute, funny, or out of the ordinary is happening. And then there are the other days that are just ordinary and routine. Those "ordinary" and "routine" days make it hard to figure out what to take a picture of. But I also know that those days are the ones I'm going to want pictures of down the road.

Brad and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but Emily had a good time making Valentine's for her friends and teachers. Valentine's Day with the highlight of our week.

Random question - Picnik is closing in April and that's what I've been using to edit and watermark my pictures. Do y'all know of anyother free and simple editing program?

Saturday, Feb. 11 - We wanted to get out of the house Saturday morning, but it was too cold to do something outside. We ended up going to the mall that has a bounce house place. Emily had so much fun playing bouncing and driving this little car around

Sunday, Feb. 12 - Making Valentine's with Daddy. Emily put the stickers on the homemade Valentine's for her teachers and friends. She was so excited to make them and give them to her friends and teachers.

Monday, Feb. 13 - Eating her peas. Emily LOVES peas. She ate all of the peas on her dinner plate and wanted more. She ate them right out of the container.

Tuesday, Feb. 14 - Emily's Valentine's gift from us was a new set of Disney puzzles. She was so exited to put them together. One of Brad's favorite things to do is put together puzzles. I have a feeling these two are going to put together a lot of puzzles as she gets older.

Wednesday, Feb. 15 - Our spoiled dog. She crawled up on the couch and put her head on the pillow. I added the blanket.

Thursday, Feb. 16 - Emily's easel. She got this for Christmas from Santa and loves it. She plays with it everyday.

Friday, Feb. 17 - Blowing up a balloon. Well, trying to blow up the balloon. Poor girl has croup, again. She can't seem to get well right now.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week #6

Ahhh...what a week. I'm glad the week is over, but I could really use another day to my weekend.
This week started off with Emily getting sick. She woke up Friday night with a high fever and just not feeling good. We took her to the doctor Saturday morning to learn she had strep throat. She ended up with a strep rash Saturday afternoon. She was well enough to go to school Monday. Monday morning I got a call from her school letting me know it looked like she (and her whole class) had hand, foot, and mouth disease. And Brad left town Monday morning. Awesome.

Here's a quick rundown of our week:

Saturday, Feb. 4 - Emi and Daddy craft time. Emily was sick, but from time to time she got enough energy to do something. She was playing with her dot paints / markers. Brad was making her a necklace.

Sunday, Feb. 5 - This is her reaction when we told her it was time to take her medicine. Crying, screaming, hands over her mouth, running to the other room. Yep, we had to pin her down and force the medicine down her throat.

Monday, Feb. 6 - We made our own paint (flour, water, salt, and food coloring). Emily loves using the bottles to make big puddles.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 - Emily and I treated ourselves to cupcakes one night. She picked one with blue frosting. And she was a happy little girl.

Wednesday, Feb. 8
Yep, no picture this day. I think this is the first day I forgot to take a picture :(

Thursday, Feb. 9 - Time to thrown a fit. I remember this had something to do with not eating her dinner and wanting candy. Not exactly sure how it all happened, but she eventually ate her green beans (which she loves) and got her candy. I have a video of the fit, too. I'll post that another day.

Friday, Feb. 10 - Emily and I spent Friday morning at the Children's Museum. She had a great time running around playing and exploring.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project 365 - Week #5

This week was a struggle for me. I didn't think to take many pictures and when I did think about it, I didn't really want to. I did manage to take a picture each day. Hopefully I'll snap out of the funk soon.

Saturday, Jan. 28 - Banjo showing off her tricks. Poor dog doesn't get nearly as much attention these days. Emily is also reaching her "bossy" stage and she loves to tell Banjo what to do.

Sunday, Jan. 29 - Donuts before church on Sunday. Emily loves getting donuts with Daddy. Her favorite is a pink one. She's saying, "cheese" in this picture.

Monday, Jan. 30 - It's been really warm down here and I'm loving it. We spent a lot of time playing outside this week. Emily loves playing on her swing in the front yard.

Tuesday, Jan. 31 - Playing hide-and-seek with Pelly. Brad hid Pelly behind one of the decorations on her wall. This is right after she found him.

Wedesday, Feb. 1 - This is all thanks to Emily. She put the decorations in Brad's hair and she took the picture.

Thursday, Feb. 2 - First attempt at a french braid. I can french braid my hair, but this was the first time I tried braiding Emily's. I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Friday, Feb. 3 - We originally planned to be outdoors Friday afternoon, but the rain changed our plans. We went to the mall and watched the ice skaters. Emily loved it!


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