Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project 365 - Week #37

The weather has been awesome this week! We spent a lot of time outside. Emily went to her first football game, played on her first slip and slide, and spent lots of time at the park!

Saturday, September 8 - TCU Football! Emily first football game. First game in the brand new TCU stadium. First win of the season for my frogs! We had a good time, but the game was a blowout. TCU killed Grambling State. However, Emily had a great time!

Sunday, September 9 - Picnic lunch outside after church. She said the grass was too wet, so we put the blanket on the driveway.

Monday, September 10 - Slip and Slide! Oh my gosh she LOVES her new slip and slide. And she is fearless on it.

Tuesday, September 11 - Playing at the park with Daddy.

Wednesday, September 12 - Happy Birthday, Brad! Emily and I put up balloons across the garage for him to see when he got home. I didn't get a picture of the birthday boy, but he's entered the last year of his 30s.

Thursday, September 13 - I had a quiet night to myself, so I treated myself to a glass of wine and a carrot cupcake.

Friday, September 14 - Family Fun Night at church. Emily and some of her friends playing a their own version of sequence.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project 365 - Week #36

Saturday, September 1 - We drove down to Houston to see some of Brad's Auburn friends. We spent the night watching the Auburn game and laughing at all of their old stories.

Sunday, September 2 - Sunday, we met up with some other friends at the Houston zoo. I took about 15 pictures of these silly girls and none of them involved both of them looking at the camera. Yep, we went to the zoo again, but it was a different zoo!

Monday, September 3 - We are entering the dress-up stage! And she has fallen in love with Tinkerbell.

Tuesday, September 4 - Emily wrapped herself up in the blanket and said, "Mama, take my picture!" So I did.

Wednesday, September 5 - I let Emily jump on her bed. Bad decision. Enough said.

Thursday, September 6 - Picture taken my Emily of Emily's art.

Friday, September 7 - The Real Pelly, Tinkerbell, Sharky the Whale, and Pelly #2 - picture by Emily.

Project 365 - Week #35

Saturday, August 25 - My favorite veggie dish right now - roasted broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and cauliflower. I {kinda} used the best broccoli of your life recipe all over pinterest. I just add any veggies I have with the broccoli. I LOVE this recipe. I could eat it everyday. Seriously.  Too bad the rest of my family won't.

Sunday, August 26 - Reading books before bed.

Monday, August 27 - I'm tired of storing Emily's old clothes. I finally decided it was time to sell them! I love shopping with Just Between Friends and finally decided to sell some stuff. This is my prep area - it was A LOT of work. Between sorting, washing, hanging, attaching the safety pins, and tagging 120 items, I spent MANY nights getting all of this read. I sold 80 of the 120. I'll take the remaining items to another local sale and then donate whatever is left. Don't ask how much I bought ;)

Tuesday, August 28 - Dangerous. Seriously dangerous. But so good!

Wednesday, August 29 - this is the top of Emily's book case. We are staring to help her understand the concept of giving back to God and the church. She loves putting money in her piggy bank, but now she has a church bank. Anytime she gets money, some goes in the piggy bank and some in the church bank. She gets to decide what goes where.

Thursday, August 30 - Yes, I organize extra hangers. Don't ask.

Friday, August 31 - I'm pretty sure a zoo membership is one of the best purchases we've ever made. We went to the zoo, again. Emily grabbed a map and helped me figure out where to go :)

Project 365 - Week #34

Saturday, August 18 - This was a CRAZY day for our family. We took Emily's pictures early in the morning. At 11 a.m., the baby shower start at the house - Brad and Emily went the park and Chick-fil-a. After the party ended E took and nap, I cleaned, and Brad went to work on our rental properties. Then it started raining and we played in the rain - it was a much needed fun break!

If you are in the DFW area and need a photographer, I recommend Melanie with Dimples and Dumplins Photography.

Sunday, August 19 - Emily was playing school with all of her toys. She would stay in front of them and read a book.

Monday, August 20 - E took this picture. I'm not sure why there is a sticker across the baby's face.

Tuesday, August 21 - The weather cooled off for a day, we went to the park! She loves the swings and running around. Emily is working on learning how to swing - she thinking really hard about where her legs should be at this point.

Wednesday, August 22 - These pictures make me laugh. Poor Banjo. Emily just laughed the whole time, even when she was pulling on Banjo's leash. Such a good dog.

Thursday, August 23 - Playing with Playdough. She loves using cookie cutters and making different shapes. She just discovered that she could mix colors together (ugh!).

Friday, August 24 - Bathtub drawings. This is Emily's version of Dora and Boots. And yes, her drawings are usually crooked.

Project 365 - Week #33

Birthday party! Birthday! Baby shower prep! This week just killed me, but I loved every second of it.

Saturday, August 11 - Brad found a frog in the backyard and Emily wanted to see it! She (and Banjo) loved playing with it and chasing it around the backyard. 

Sunday, August 12 - Birthday party day!!!! We had Emily's birthday party at Little Gym and it was awesome! It was so easy and the kids had a blast. 
All of the kids, well most of the kids, on the trampoline. 

Emily's final cake and cupcakes

Party gifts for all of her friends - cupcakes

instead of a gift for Emily, we asked each family to bring a teddy bear.
Later we took those teddy bears to the children's hospital

Birthday girls! Nonie and Emily have the same birthday!

Monday, August 13 - Emily's 3rd Birthday! I took the day off work and let her decide what to do. Her pick? The ZOO! That night when I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said, "dirt and ocean water." Ummmm... I asked again and she picked ravioli. 

Tuesday, August 14 - Making bubbles!

Wednesday, August 15 - Pool time! I don't think she gets much happier!

Thursday, August 16 - Emily asked for a hula-hoop and bean bag for her birthday. Here she is enjoying her bean bag, probably watching Doc McStuffins

Friday, August 17 - Friday night some friends came over to help get the house ready for a baby shower the next day. Here are some of the kids playing while the adults got the house setup. The second picture are the flowers used. 

Project 365 - Week #32

I've got lots and lots of catching up to do! The month of August kicked my butt. Seriously. Between birthday parties, baby showers, redoing one of our rental properties, and random other commitments, I didn't see my family much. I finally, mid way though September, feel like I'm slowly catching up on life.

Saturday, August 4 - Emily's birthday cake, practice round. Emily asked for a pink cake (strawberry) with lots of sprinkles. This was my first time to make a stacked cake. She loved it and it wasn't too hard to make.

Sunday, August 5 - Emily and I made this awhile ago and I finally hung it up! I painted the board white, used my Silhoutte to cut out the words with vinyl and put it on the board. Then I let Emily paint it any way she wanted. Once the paint was dry, I pulled up the vinyl. 

Monday, August 6 - Emily's chore chart. I planned on making a chore chart and using stickers, but then I found this at Target for $2. Once it's all full Emily will get a surprise.

Tuesday, August 7 - Riding the carousel with Daddy. 

Wednesday, August 8 - This is what Emily does in the morning (some days). She's all ready for school and watching Mickey. 

Thursday, August 9 - hiding under the laundry basket and making silly faces at me. 

Friday, August 10 - Playing a computer game. Her favorite is Dora Bingo. 


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