Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week #52

Saturday, December 22 - Christmas get together with all of Brad's family. And Emily on the trampoline!

Sunday, December 23 - Making cookies for Santa....e kinda burned them. Don't worry, we made another batch ;)

Monday, December 24 - Christmas Eve! Putting a bow on little Logan's head. And then back home getting ready for Santa

Tuesday, December 25 - Merry Christmas! Santa brought Emily some dress-up clothes, a jack-in-the box, and mermaid. We also got snow on Christmas Day - a rare treat for this part of the country! Emily and I spent a few minutes just watching the snow fall. It was a good day!

Wednesday, December 26 - Emily was really excited the snow was still around the next morning. We played outside for a little while - she and Ariel even made snow angels.

Thursday, December 27 - I was just playing with the different settings on my camera and loved the way this picture can out. I just thought it was kinda fun

Friday, December 28 - My first shot at bokeh - this is our big tree outside.

Project 365 - Week #51

Saturday, December 15 - Santa party day! We had lots of fun, crafts, friends, family, and a visit from Santa! It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, December 16 - Banjo by Emily

Monday, December 17 - Emi's eyes

Tuesday, December 18 - This is what I needed the green M&Ms for - pretzels, candy cane kisses, and green m&ms. This is right before I put them in the oven to melt.

Wednesday, December 19 - There was a gift on our front porch for Emily when we got home. She was so excited to open it that she sat down right there to open it up. It was cookie cutters and few books from my sweet friend, Rebecca (thank you!)

Thursday, December 20 - The next day, there were most gift on the porch for Emily. My friends seriously spoil my child! It was an adorable ornament (that she plays with daily) and a Tinkerbell hopscotch mat. She loved her gifts! Thanks Kyle and Uncle Berry and Aunt 'Ney!

Friday, December 21 - Gifts for the teachers at Emily's school - frames with a dry erase marker and the pretzel/kisses/m&m treats

Project 365 - Week #50

Saturday, December 8 - Jumping in the leaves and then playing Chutes and Ladders with Mimi

Sunday, December 9 - Squirrel!

Monday, December 10 - We got a very, very light dusting of snow Monday morning. Emily thought it was the best thing she'd ever seen

Tuesday, December 11 - I asked Emily to set the table for dinner and this is what she put at our places: piece of a sugar cookie, and a piece of cheese.

Wednesday, December 12 - Our Christmas card

Thursday, December 13 - Making reindeer food (oatmeal, sprinkles, raisins, and glitter) to give to all of her friends at the Santa party

Friday, December 14 - I needed green M&Ms for a treat I was planning on making. I couldn't find a red and green bag, so Emily sorted the M&Ms for me - she managed to eat quite a few of the other colors ;)

Project 365 - Week #49

Saturday, December 1 - We got together with Brad's family to take some family pictures as a Christmas gift for Brad's parents. After that we went to a Christmas party. We had a white elephant exchange and the theme was "Texas Gifts." I came home with an awesome hat!

Sunday, December 2 - Brad working on a new Santa puzzle. It was a Christmas gift for my mom.

Monday, December 3 - Another peaceful night with the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 4 - Making potato soup

Wednesday, December 5 - Playing soccer with a big, purple ball and wearing her "Cinderella" dress

Thursday, December 6 - Some of our lights were having issues, once I got them fixed I took a picture

Friday, December 7 - Morning at the park, evening at the tour of lights, and a better picture with "Santa"

Project 365 - Week #48

Saturday, Nov. 24 - Time to decorate for Christmas!

Sunday, Nov. 25 - I think I spent about an hour just staring at our tree this night. The rest of the house was asleep and the tree lights were the only ones on. It was so nice and peaceful

Monday, Nov. 26 - Bras was icing his ankle and Emily wanted to give it a try

Tuesday, Nov. 27 - Moving really slow one Tuesday morning. She was in NO hurry to get to school 

Wednesday, Nov. 28 - Misty was stuck up our tree. Brad had to climb up the tree to get her down. Poor Misty. 

Thursday, Nov. 29 - This began our nightly visits down the street to Rudolph and Santa. 

Friday, Nov. 30 - Checking out the decorations downtown an a {horrible} visit with Santa


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