Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week #38

I'm catching up.... BIG time. I've got all the pictures ready to go through the end of the year (well, December 29), so in the next few days you'll see lots and lots of posts from me. Here goes nothing

Saturday, Sept. 15 - sitting on the dock, feeding the birds. 

Sunday, Sept. 16 - yep, I organize the hangers in Emily's clothes by color and type. Don't ask why. 

Monday, Sept. 17 - E took this picture of Emily

Tuesday, Sept. 18 - Our friends Nik and Maggie live in Alabama and they were in town. We miss y'all!

Wednesday, Sept. 19 - sticker fingers

Thursday, Sept. 20 - Playing outside

Friday, Sept. 21 - birthday party! And yes, she wearing the same outfit two days in a row, I don't ask. 

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