Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week #45

Saturday, Nov 3 - We had a neighborhood soup party! Here's a picture of the table with all of the crockpots and bowls. Love it!

Sunday, Nov 4 - We played hooky from church and spent the morning at the park. Brad and Emily had fun climbing up and down this wall. And yes, it's as steep as it looks!

Monday, Nov 5 - Dollie sitting on a bench at the park

Tuesday, Nov 6 - Flying her paper airplane from Nonie and Peepaw off the counter

Wednesday, Nov 7 - pretty pink flowers for Emily

Thursday, Nov 8 - For some reason we had Wipe Out on TV. Emily thought it was the best thing ever. So funny!

Friday, Nov 9 - We checked out a new park this morning and found an awesome place to take pictures. I think the picture in front of the trash can is so fun! As we were leaving the park, Emily decided to thrown a fit.

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