Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week #43

Saturday, Oct. 20 - Wedding day! A few pictures of the bride's family, Emily and the bride, and our sweet flower girl

Sunday, Oct. 21 - Catching lizards, fishing, and showing off her new hat before we head home from a fun weekend!

Monday, Oct. 22 - Doing puzzles and wearing her fairy costume

Tuesday, Oct. 23 - Planted some of these and tulips in the backyard. Hopefully we'll have some pretty flower beds come spring time.

Wednesday, Oct. 24 - Playing with my Kindle

Thursday, Oct. 25 - Emily wanted to go to another pumpkin patch, so after work and school we headed that direction. When we left our house it was nice and sunny; however, by the time we got there it was staring to rain. We only got to spend about five minutes before she said it was too cold and rainy.

Friday, Oct. 26 - Rocking the hat again!

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