Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week #40

Saturday, Sept. 29 - Fire!

Sunday, Sept. 30 - Sunday afternoon at the park - riding around the track, playing hide and seek, yelling at Banjo, and learning the monkey bars!

Monday, Oct. 1 - Making our own ghosts for Halloween!

Tuesday, Oct. 2 - Emily's art project! She made while taking a bath. 

Wednesday, Oct. 3 - Watching a show and drinking milk before bed. 

Thursday, Oct. 4 - Bouncin' on the bed and making noise before bed!

Friday, Oct. 5 - Pumpkin Patch with Reagan! These two had soooo much fun at the pumpkin patch together - running through the pumpkins, throwing hay at each other, going on a hay ride, and so much more!

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