Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week #39

Saturday, Sept. 22 - Time to play some soccer!

Sunday, Sept. 23 - Slip and slide in the front yard!

Monday, Sept. 24 - painting project!

Tuesday, Sept. 25 - Brad was out of town and Emily and I went to Mimi's house. Doesn't everyone wear a spider hair bow, crown, and ducky slippers?

Wednesday, Sept. 26 - I can't get this picture to rotate. No matter what I do, when I post on here it goes back the other way. Anyway, I checked on Emily before I went to bed and found her asleep on her floor.

Thursday, Sept. 27 - Afternoon at the park!

Friday, Sept. 28 - Emily's first Ranger game! Emily did really well, but the Ranger's didn't.

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