Friday, July 17, 2009

More Comments, Questions and a Poll!

Now that the end of the pregnancy is quickly approaching it's time to update the list of questions and comments I've received. Most of these comments are from strangers.

- You look so swollen!
*right after I got back from the doctor who was thrilled that I wasn't that swollen.
- You look like you could pop any day now.
- You look so small for how far along you are.
*I received these two comments within 5 minutes of each other. Both from complete strangers
- I should have know you were having a girl. You are carrying high and that means girl. After all, I am an expert on these things.
- You aren't taking a Labor and Delivery class?!?!
- Are you going to cry on your first day back at work?
- Don't you feel bad that you have to put her in daycare?
- Is she head down?
- She's going to come early.
- She's going to come late.
- When will the doctor induce you?
- How is Banjo going to react?
- Are you going to take time off before she comes?
- How are you handling the heat?
- Did you plan to have a baby in August? It's really, really hot that time of year.

New Poll!
I've added a poll on the side. Guess when you think Emily Kate will make her arrival into the world. Will she come early? Will she be stubborn and come late? Or will she come on time (within 1 day of her due date - Aug 17 - 19).

I'm off to enjoy my day off by doing a whole lot of nothing! :)

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  1. I love that list. The other day one of my clients said to me, "Wow, that's quite the bump for 4 months, you're going to be huge!" I debated kicking her in the shins.



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