Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 14

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lemon! Brad has been waiting and waiting for baby to be a lemon - so I'm sure he'll be happy once I tell him.

Our little lemon is about 3.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces. She is starting to make faces and suck her thumb. Baby is also moving around, punching and kicking (no, I still don't feel anything), and kidneys and other organs are starting to function. Check out more details with the full update on BabyCenter.

In other news - we go back to the doctor tomorrow. I'm kind of annoyed that no one ever called me with my test results from 2 weeks ago. I'm still assuming that means everything was fine. I was good about monitoring my blood pressure at home and it was very normal. I'll take those numbers in with me tomorrow. We see a different doctor tomorrow. Mine regular doctor is still out on maternity leave. I don't know anything about this doctor - she's new to the practice.

Is it strange that every time we go to the doctor I start freaking out? I'm so worried that we'll get to the doctor and she'll tell us that something is wrong. I know it's strange and probably the reason my blood pressure is high in the office. I know I'm just working myself up for no reason - it's just something I do before I go to the doctor (no matter what it's for). And if you tell me to quit worrying, I will NOT be happy with you.

In happier news - I've been looking at nursery stuff. Brad and I agreed we don't want the baby's room to be very babyish. We'd rather have a room baby can grown into. It's been fun (and a little overwhelming) to look around at so many ideas. I do have a question, are the convertible 3-in-1 cribs worth it?

Our appointment is at 8:30am tomorrow. I'll update sometime tomorrow with more news. We should also find out tomorrow when our BIG sonogram is - I'm really, really hoping that it will be in another 4 weeks.

Have a good one!

PS - When is How I Met Your Mother going to come back on with new episodes? I'm tired of the reruns!

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  1. Yes - the 3-1 crib is worth it. Nela has a 4-1 crib. She slept in it as a crib and toddler bed frame. We would make it the frame for her twin size "big girl" bed, except that the new baby is going to need the crib in a few months. My niece, who is an only child, is almost 5 and she is still using the frame work from her crib, it is set up as a day bed frame now. However, one of the factors that you cannot really count on is how destructive your kid may be. My friend had a toddler that would chew on the railing all the time. They had to get rid of the frame because it looked like squirrels had been nibbling on it [so it didn't last as long as they thought it would]. -- The options are plentiful in the baby gear world, good luck navigating it.



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