Monday, February 23, 2009

15 weeks...just 25 more to go!

I like having my weeks change on Mondays - gives me something to look forward to on Mondays. Today marks 15 weeks - baby can sense light, legs are starting to grow faster than the his arms and lungs are starting to develop. This weeks food comparison? An apple! Apparently an apple is about 4 inches long. I have no idea how much an apple weighs but baby weighs about 2.5 ounces. Read more about the 15 week update here.

I'm feeling better than I did yesterday but still not great. I really, really hope it's just allergies. I plan to go to bed early again tonight. I have a horrible headache and I'm tired. On a happier note - I've felt good enough lately to exercise again - I know the EFX machine has been lonely.

I've been looking more at furniture and nursery ideas. I have a pretty good idea of the style of the room and I've picked out a couple of bedding ideas. Once we know the sex I'll pick out paint colors and I'll put Brad to work ;)

Tomorrow is a big's our 2nd anniversary. Our original plan was to celebrate this past weekend but that didn't work out - we'll be celebrating this upcoming weekend. Brad is running in the Cowtown 10K Saturday morning. I'll be there to cheer him and a few of our friends on. The only other thing we have planned is dinner at Reata (yummy). We haven't really figured out what we are doing in the middle of the day - but I'm pushing for an entire Fort Worth Day - zoo, lunch at ONG (or another Fort Worth Hole in the Wall), Water Gardens and other Fort Worth stuff. Any suggestions?

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