Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctor Update

We heard the heartbeat today! This morning was a quick visit with the doctor - but everything looks good. Baby's heartbeat is about 150, my weight gain is right on track, all my blood work came back perfect and for the most part everything is great. The doctor is a little concerned with my blood pressure (story of my life) so I'll be doing a few more tests this week but I'm not concerned. Thanks to my father I have white-coat syndrome. I ALWAYS have high blood pressure in a doctor's office - I monintor it at home and it's always fine. But the doctor just wants to make sure and I appreciate that. I'll make sure to keep a log of my tests at home this week and take them to the doctor next time.

We go back in 2 weeks to follow-up on all of the tests and then probably 4 weeks after that we'll do the BIG sonogram and determine gender.

The gag order has been lifted on family/friends and we've make our news "Facebook Official." In the spirit of facebook, here are my 25 random facts.

Have a good day!

1.There is going to be a mini-Carrie or mini-Brad in August. Yes, that means I'm pregnant. And yes, we will be finding out the gender.

2. I lived in El Paso for 18 years and never went to Mexico. Still have never been.

3. I don't like animals on TV that "talk" - it creeps me out. Think Mr. Ed.

4. Brad never got to meet my dad. The first time he met any of my family was at my dad's funeral.

5. Tulips are my favorite flower and I hate roses.

6. I think Valentine's Day is stupid (this makes Brad very happy).

7. I've been to Australia and New Zealand. I've always wanted to live in Australia (Brad won't go for that).

8. We got married on South Padre and there were only 40 people in attendance. It was great!

9. I've seen New Kids on the Block live in concert twice. Once when I was about 12 and again at 28. I would go again in a heartbeat. It was greatness.

10. I love Beverly Hills 90210 and could watch it everyday. The new version isn't nearly as good, but I still watch it.

11. I have a crush on Dr. Drew, Matt Hughes and Dana White.

12. I have a one-eyed Mom.

13. Before I got married I had 2 guy roommates.

14. I have a dog named Banjo. If I ever talk Brad into getting a second dog it will be named Fiddle (NOT my idea).

15. I like malts better than shakes. My favorite is the chocolate-banana malt from Sonic (yummy).

16. I'm terrified of actually giving birth. I don't want anyone telling me stories about how awful/painful their experience was. And yes, I want the drugs.

17. I like taking personality tests and analyzing people.

18. I refuse to be "re-baptized" and that has caused a little bit of controversy in our home.

19. I know what rear naked choke, arm bar and spinning back first are. I spend 1 Saturday a month watching these being used and enjoy it (hints my crush on Matt Hughes and Dana White). I just hope they never are never used on me.

20. I've been to the Capital One Bowl, Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl and spent a total of $20 on tickets. I spent a lot more than that on 1 ticket for a TCU bowl game.

21. I won an autographed poster from the Mickey Mouse Club. It was signed by JC Chasez, Kerri Russell, Christina Aguilera and others (I don't remember who). I never took it out of the box it came in because I planned to sell it one day. I'm pretty sure it's in the trash.

22. Tim Hardaway is my favorite college and NBA player.

23. I graduated from the same high school as my mom and dad.

24. One Shining Moment is a great song that I can only listen to 1 time a year. It's a great way to end the college basketball season. Don't bother me during the 3 minutes it's on. And yes, I know it's a horrible song but that's not the point!

25. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband.

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  1. Congrats on the baby news! I'm so happy for you both!



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