Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project 365 - Week #33

Birthday party! Birthday! Baby shower prep! This week just killed me, but I loved every second of it.

Saturday, August 11 - Brad found a frog in the backyard and Emily wanted to see it! She (and Banjo) loved playing with it and chasing it around the backyard. 

Sunday, August 12 - Birthday party day!!!! We had Emily's birthday party at Little Gym and it was awesome! It was so easy and the kids had a blast. 
All of the kids, well most of the kids, on the trampoline. 

Emily's final cake and cupcakes

Party gifts for all of her friends - cupcakes

instead of a gift for Emily, we asked each family to bring a teddy bear.
Later we took those teddy bears to the children's hospital

Birthday girls! Nonie and Emily have the same birthday!

Monday, August 13 - Emily's 3rd Birthday! I took the day off work and let her decide what to do. Her pick? The ZOO! That night when I asked her what she wanted for dinner, she said, "dirt and ocean water." Ummmm... I asked again and she picked ravioli. 

Tuesday, August 14 - Making bubbles!

Wednesday, August 15 - Pool time! I don't think she gets much happier!

Thursday, August 16 - Emily asked for a hula-hoop and bean bag for her birthday. Here she is enjoying her bean bag, probably watching Doc McStuffins

Friday, August 17 - Friday night some friends came over to help get the house ready for a baby shower the next day. Here are some of the kids playing while the adults got the house setup. The second picture are the flowers used. 

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