Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project 365 - Week #32

I've got lots and lots of catching up to do! The month of August kicked my butt. Seriously. Between birthday parties, baby showers, redoing one of our rental properties, and random other commitments, I didn't see my family much. I finally, mid way though September, feel like I'm slowly catching up on life.

Saturday, August 4 - Emily's birthday cake, practice round. Emily asked for a pink cake (strawberry) with lots of sprinkles. This was my first time to make a stacked cake. She loved it and it wasn't too hard to make.

Sunday, August 5 - Emily and I made this awhile ago and I finally hung it up! I painted the board white, used my Silhoutte to cut out the words with vinyl and put it on the board. Then I let Emily paint it any way she wanted. Once the paint was dry, I pulled up the vinyl. 

Monday, August 6 - Emily's chore chart. I planned on making a chore chart and using stickers, but then I found this at Target for $2. Once it's all full Emily will get a surprise.

Tuesday, August 7 - Riding the carousel with Daddy. 

Wednesday, August 8 - This is what Emily does in the morning (some days). She's all ready for school and watching Mickey. 

Thursday, August 9 - hiding under the laundry basket and making silly faces at me. 

Friday, August 10 - Playing a computer game. Her favorite is Dora Bingo. 

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