Thursday, September 16, 2010


Emily has her first chore around the house. She gets to feed Banjo in the evenings.

And it's really cute to watch her.

It all started the other day when Emily opened the dog food container, grabbed a handful of  food, and put it in Banjo's bowl. (yes, I realize we probably shouldn't leave the dog food container so easily accessible, but oh well). It was so sweet. After that we decided she was old enough to feed the dog.

She's still asleep when Brad feeds Banjo in the morning. And I don't need to anything else on our to-do list in the morning, so Emily just gets to help at night. I'll tell her, "Let's feed Banjo!" And she walks over to the dog food container and opens the top. I'll scoop the food into the cup and hand it Emily. Then she walks about four feet over to Banjo's bowl and pours in the food. Some days, I have to help her carry the cup - she hasn't quite mastered holding it up-right all of the time. But she really understands the concept and the directions.

Now, if I can just get her to put the laundry away.

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