Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Trip to the ER

We had to take Emily to the ER Sunday morning - it was not a fun experience.

Emily woke up for her nap around noon on Friday with a fever and trouble breathing. I gave her some Mortin and breathing treatment and she seemed to be doing much better! Well, she woke up from her second nap and her fever was even higher. Awesome. We cancelled our Friday night plans and spent the evening at home with Emily. She woke up around 11 p.m. - fever of 102ish. I gave her some Tylenol and she went back to sleep. I wasn't too concerned because she had no other symptoms and has done this kind of thing before.

Saturday - Emily woke up and wasn't great. Fever would go down with Mortin or Tylenol, but right back up when the meds wore off. One minute she was happy playing, the next she was screaming and not happy. Saturday night she woke up around 10 p.m. very unhappy. I took her to bed with us. A few minutes later I was covered in puke. Brad got everything into the wash and we all went to bed. About a hour later - same thing, Emily was throwing up. Got cleaned up and back to sleep.

Around 5 a.m. I woke up and put my hand on Emily's forehead - BURNING up. We took her temperature and it was 105. I looked at Brad and said, "Emergency Room! Now!" We grabbed a few things and got to the hospital as fast as we could.

The ER staff did a great job getting us to a room and making Emily as comfortable as they could. Her sweet nurse gave her a good dose of Tylenol and the fever started to come down. A shift change and an hour later, the doctor came in. He had zero personality, but he checked out Emily and ordered some tests. Emily's new nurse came in (he was awesome) and got the process going. Poor Emily had blood drawn, a flu test, and catheter. She was not a happy camper.

Two hours later, we learn Emily has a urinary tract infection. She gets a shot of antibiotics, a prescription for antibiotics at home, and we are out of there! We were there about 7 hours - but it really was a quick 7 hours (if that's possible).

She slept great last night but woke up this morning with a fever again. It's going to take a few days for her to be back to normal - but I think we are on the right track (hopefully).

I just feel so helpless. There's not really anything I can do to help to her feel better. I'm trying to get her to drink as much water as possible and anything she needs to be comfortable, but that's it. I really hope she's able to get past this soon. Poor baby.

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  1. Poor Emily! I hope she feels better soon! It is not fun having a sick kiddo around! HUGS!



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