Sunday, August 16, 2009

Emily Kate!

Emily Kate is here! She was born on Thursday, August 13 at 7:31pm via c-section. She was 8lbs, 3oz and 20.5" long. And she's just perfect.

Birth Story (the short version):

We check into the hospital about 8pm Wednesday night. I was hooked up the monitors, given something to start the induction process and a sleeping pill. I slept great Wednesday night. Thursday morning I learned I had contractions throughout the night (I never felt anything), the pitocin was started and the longest day of my life began. I had regular contractions all day long - but wasn't feeling anything. As they checked me throughout the day and continued to up the pitocin - nothing. Still not feeling the contractions and I wasn't making any progress. About 3pm I started to feel some contractions but still wasn't making much progress and Emily still hadn't dropped. About 5pm I was hurting (finally!) - time for the good drugs :) About 30 minutes later I couldn't feel anything and was much happier. Over the next hour I made very little progress and Emily was being stubborn - she wouldn't drop. The decision was made a little after 6pm to move forward with a c-section.

I got more drugs and was wheeled off to surgery. Brad put his "scrubs" on and was in the OR a few minutes later. From the time I was first cut open to the time Emily was born it was 5-7 minutes. And I was out of surgery about 15 minutes later. Emily and Brad went back to our labor and delivery room so she could be cleaned off and checked out. Everything looked great! Finally we were able to spend some time alone with our little girl.

I wasn't allowed out of bed until about 2pm on Friday. Getting out of bed for the first time was hard and hurt, A LOT! But everyday I'm feeling a little bit better. I'm still very sore but like I said, each day is a little bit better.

We stay in the hospital until Sunday afternoon. Let me just say - a hospital is no place to get rest! Someone is coming in every couple hours to do something. It's just annoying. We are so glad to be home.

Here are some pictures of our little girl!

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  1. She's beautiful. Congratulations. I wish you a speedy recovery.



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