Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 39 - The Final Days

This is the last Monday update before Emily Kate. Wednesday night/Thursday morning will be here so soon. Yes, I'm scared, nervous, excited and ready for Emily to be here. I know that Brad is too. I'm a little freaked out about the actual labor and delivery - but I'll get through it.

To answer your questions:
Yes, we are excited and ready for Emily to be here.
Are we prepared? Yes and No. We've prepared for everything that we can think of but I know there are plenty of things we've forgotten about.
Brad will be in the delivery room with me (he's the only one).
Brad is in charge of sending out updates - we have a call list and various people "in charge" of spreading the news.
I realize our life is about to change and sleep will be a luxury.
Banjo will be well taken care of while we are in the hospital.
Visitors are welcome at the hospital and at home.

Just two more nights in my bed - with the possibility of a full nights sleep! Let's hope I can get one tonight.

This weekend was spent putting in the new floor in the living room. The floor looks great! All that's left is to fix the steps (we have a sunken living room) and re-do the baseboards. Brad's plan is to finish it up on Wednesday before we head to the hospital. We both are really, really happy with the way it turned out. We have some awesome friends who volunteered to help and there's no way the floor could have been done without them. I'll post a picture once the baseboards are done.

The house is mess from all of the work - which doesn't mix well with my current desire for the house to be all clean when we come home from the hospital. Oh well, I'll have to get over that. I'm trying to keep it as clean as possible, but that's just not practical right now.

Tomorrow is my last day of work until sometime in November. Crazy. Wednesday I'm going to try and sleep in, chill out, run a few errands and just enjoy the last few hours of just the two of us before heading to the hospital.

Please keep us in your prayers these last few days. I'm sure the anxiety levels will rise between now and then :)

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  1. All will be great.Emily Kate will be strong and pretty. i lit a candle in a beautiful old catholic church in Clevel and in the chapel dedicated to the mother of God. I love you both. I can't wait for Emily Kate to meet her A
    unt Ney.



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