Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 31...just 9 weeks left!

Single digits! Yep, we've reached the single digit mark in counting down the weeks until Emily Kate makes her arrival (hopefully). Just 9 more weeks to go.

I've been feeling pretty good - just hot. Texas summer has arrived and it's hot and humid around here. Which means I'm really hot. Sunday I had 2 popsicles and a Fruit Chiller and I was only outside for about 30 minutes. I think Fruit Chillers are my new favorite snack. They have a lot more taste than your typical popsicle and are very refreshing. They can be found in the canned fruit section, not freezer section, of the grocery store.

Last week we took a newborn care class and took a tour of the hospital. The newborn care class was good with exception of one idiot in the class. It's really not even worth anymore of my time to describe what an idiot he was. His wife was embarrassed by him. And Brad gets a gold star - he was the only dad in the class who was able to properly swaddle the fake baby. The tour was good, nice to see the rooms and learn about the hospital policies. They are big on the babies being in room with mom and dad for at least 23 hours a day (there weren't any babies in the nursery when we walked by). They also encourage mom and dad to spend time alone with baby right after birth - no visitors for for at least an hour.

After the hospital tour we picked up the glider from Babies R Us. I was happy to have the glider and Brad was happy to load something in the bed of his new truck. Yes, you read that right - Brad has a new truck! After almost 12 years his beloved Tahoe is gone. After thinking about a new truck for months and spending several weekends at various dealerships - he finally picked one out and we went for it! Here is his new 2009 Dodge Ram. He loves his truck. She's in need of a name.

Ok - back to baby stuff - I made zero progress in the nursery this week. I need wash the clothes and start putting them all away. I need to organize the books, move the Pack-and-Play to our room, put all of the toys away and lots of other stuff! Here are a few pictures of the mess that is currently the nursery. I plan to spend lots of time in there this weekend working on it! I'll take more pictures once everything is put away, furniture is rearranged and it looks cute. Oh - I ended up being very happy with the wood color on the glider - it was much darker than in the store.

Looking in from the hall way

About half of the clothes.
I wish you could see how high the clothes are stacked. There is another pile just like this one on the other side of the room.

The crib is currently full of diapers, blankets and more!
The blanket on the right was made by my friend, Rebecca. I can't begin to describe how awesome it is!

The dresser/changing table is stacked with bottles, wipes, toys and more.
The orange bag at the bottom is my diaper bag. Doesn't really match the red and brown stroller but I don't care - I like it! Banjo is hanging out with me in the room.

This week's food update - I think Baby Center cheated in this week's update! Emily now weighs about 3.3 pounds - as much as four naval oranges (4 food items = cheating!) and is about 16 inches long. She is just growing and moving around. She loves to hit my left pelvic bone and it hurts!

Here's my list of things to get done before Emily comes:
- wash clothes
- organize nursery
- install car seats
- decorate nursery
- pick a daycare
- have house deep cleaned
- pick up items from Babies R Us that we still need
- pack my hospital bag
- pack Brad's hospital bag
- make hospital phone list
- figure out insurance stuff
- finish thank you notes
- pick out coming home outfit

What did I forget? I know I've left out a lot.
Let's see how much progress I make by next Monday.


  1. First babies are very exciting but slighty overwhelming when you take into account all the new stuff nd stuff to get ready. Just don't forget to enjoy this time. Also try not to be upset with yourself if not everything with the room gets done before Emily gets here. That's where Brad comes in!

  2. I think you should schedule a massage in there somewhere. Sounds like you've been (and are going to be) pretty busy and need some relaxing!!



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