Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 28

Just when I thought I had BabyCenter's food item pattern figured out - they change it up! This week we are sticking with weight - 2 and a quarter pounds and 14.8 inches long. Emily now weighs as much as a Chinese Cabbage.

Everything seems to be moving right along. I had a doctor's appointment this morning - I got an all clear. I gained a little more weight than she would have liked but she thinks it's because of all of the walking I did this weekend (retaining water). When I mentioned to her that I tried on some new shoes and my normal size didn't fit - she warned me that my feet will probably grow half a size to a full size. After Emily is born they may return to normal, they may not. I really, really need my feet to return to their normal size. Do you know how hard it is to find size 11 shoes??? Blood pressure was fine and the diabetes test came back normal. Woohoo! Dr. recommended we started our search for a pediatrician - I'm not really sure where to begin. I guess we need to figure out which insurance this little girl will be on first (mine or Brad's).

Emily's bedding arrived last week! After learning that Babies R Us no longer carries the bedding we picked out and planned the room around - I found another place that still had some in stock and ordered it right away. I think it looks really cute and I'm happy with our choice. The last piece of furniture we want for Emily's room is a glider. Once we get everything in we'll arrange the room and start putting everything away.

This past weekend we headed down to Fredericksburg for a few days. It was a good weekend with no schedule, no plans and just chilling. We picked peaches, walked around town, played with the dog, took a nap, had dinner on the patio, went to the Crawfish Festival and climbed Enchanted Rock. We spent Sunday afternoon/evening with a good friend of Brad's and his family at their house (just north of San Antonio). Banjo had a good time - she just HATED the car rides. I don't even think I've seen the little dog so tired.

We have another busy weekend coming up - family and friends in town, hanging out with the neighbors, dinner with my brother's girlfriend's parents and our final baby shower! It should be a fun weekend - just busy. I must say - I'm ready for our weekends to be free. Seems like we haven't had a free weekend in a LONG time. Maybe sometime in June we'll put an end to the crazyness.

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