Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 26 and a mini-rant

We are in double digits people! That's right, there are less than 100 days to go until Emily Kate's due date. Yes, I know that a due date doesn't really mean much and she's probably not going to enter the world on that exact day - but I'm doing a happy dance. As of today there are 97 days to go! Woohoo! And on Sunday (26w6d) I will be in my third trimester - crazy!

This week, according to BabyCenter, Emily is the size of an English hothouse cucumber (about 14" long from head to toe) and weighs about a pound and two-thirds. According to some other sources baby weighs closer to 2lbs. Her ears are developing and she can hear us more clearly now. Emily is practicing her breathing - little by little - by inhaling and exhaling small bits of amniotic fluid.

This week Brad and I have been able to see her move around. Yep, I said see her move. You can see this little human, weighing less than 2lbs, move around in me. We both sat there for a couple of minutes watching my belly move around in strange ways. It was cool and strange at the same time. And for those of your that told me it looks like an alien moving - please don't use that analogy again. I don't like aliens.

In other updates - tomorrow we have another doctor's appointment. I have to have my glucose test (joy) but other than that it should be a pretty routine appointment. After this visit we get to go in every two weeks. And I just got off of the phone with the delivery company - the crib is being delivered on Friday!

In Brad fashion I have a rant for y'all today: Mother's/Father's Day.

I had several people wish me "Happy Mother's-to-be Day" on Sunday and others wish me "Happy Mother's Day". It really got me thinking - when does one become a mother or father? Is it at the moment of conception when someone becomes a mother or father? Or when the pregnancy test comes out positive? Is it the first time you see or hear the little heart beating? Is it when that little baby leaves the womb and enters the world? Is there a moment that makes someone a mother or father?

In my world - Brad and I are already parents. He is a father and I'm a mother. Our lives have changed in these 26 weeks (I guess it's 22 weeks since we've know) and Emily Kate has become the center of our world. I know that our lives will change again (and more than we realize) in about 97 days - but that shouldn't take away from everything we've already done.

I believe those expecting a child are mothers and fathers. I believe a couple waiting for their adopted child to be born or handed to them are mothers and fathers. I believe those that never get to meet their sweet baby alive are mothers and fathers. I believe those that have to say goodbye to their child too soon are mothers and fathers. I could go on and go....but I can guarantee you that these people, in their hearts and minds, are mothers and fathers and they will be for the rest of their life. I'm a mother and Brad is a father.

Brad was very sweet on Sunday and gave me a Mother's Day card. He told me he felt bad that it was a homemade card - but I didn't care (I like this one better). He said he tried to find a expectant-mother's day card for me but didn't have any luck finding one. I think Hallmark got this one right - an expectant mother is a mother! An expectant father is a father!

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