Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 23

Another week down! Woohoo!

Baby Girl (no, she still doesn't have a name - we haven't even talked about it yet) is moving around a lot more lately! Today she has been going crazy. It's cool, surprising and strange at the same time. Someone (the strange lady at work that keeps touching my belly) asked if I could see her moving outside my belly - the answer is no. She told me that when I do it will look like an alien moving around in me. Really!?!?! Was it necessary to describe my daughter as an alien? And aliens freak me out. In other strange lady news - she asked if she could take a picture of my belly for her. NO. Not only no, but HELL NO! Help - what am I supposed to do with this lady? She's not taking my hints.

On to the BabyCenter update - Baby Girl can feel me move around and her sense of hearing is becoming more keen. I'm sitting her trying to make Banjo "speak" to the baby - it's kinda funny. Banjo is having no part in my game and would rather chase her tennis balls around the house. (I'm easily distracted tonight - sorry). Her lungs are starting to develop and prepare for breathing. This weeks she's over 11 inches long and weighs as much as a large mango.

On Friday we had our fun sonogram. It was so nice to be able to see Baby Girl again and take our time. We weren't in a hurry and we could just watch her move around. It was really cool. We got some great pictures and a DVD of the sonogram. I'll try and figure out how to post some of it later. But baby still appears to be a girl.

Some of our furniture will arrive this week - YAY! However, I have no place to put it - BOO! I'm in the process of cleaning out the guest room - BOO! I'm so excited for the furniture to get here but we won't be putting it together before we (Brad) paints the room. I'm not sure when painting will be happening - BOO! We are heading to El Paso this weekend for a baby shower - YAY!

Have a wonderful week!

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