Thursday, April 16, 2009

Money Saving Websites

I'm always on the lookout for websites that provide coupons, a heads up on a sale, money saving tips or just sell things for a great discount. I'm not the best at using coupons but I don't love to find a great sale! Below are some of my favorite websites.


Woot sells 1 item each day at a discounted price. Items range from TVs and computers to universal remote controls and socket sets. I know it sounds strange but it's really fun to check everyday. And if you are lucky enough to find a day with a Woot!Off - you'll be hooked.


This is just like Woot but the items on this site are geared towards moms and babies. I've seen shoes, strollers, art work, blankets and more for sale!


This is one of the best coupon and deal alert websites I've found. You'll find upcoming sale information, printable and web specific coupons, promo codes and a hot deal for the day. You can search by specific stores or categories. It's greatness.


This is another mom/child specific website. It's similar to Brad's Deals - not quite as cool - but the same concept.


This is similar to Baby Cheapskate. In addition to great coupon and discount finds this website tells you where to get some great stuff for free!

Type in the store or website you are needing coupons from and see if there are any out there! People share codes they've received from e-mail lists, etc. This site also lets you know how reliable the codes are.

I know there are a lot more websites like these out there. Wanna share them?

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