Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 22

We've made it to 22 weeks. It really seems like each week is passing a little bit faster than the one before. I can't imagine how fast the next (hopefully) 18 weeks will go by. We've got so much planned and so much to do between now and then.

Last Friday, with the help of a friend, I finished our registry. It was fun, overwhelming and exciting all in one. We had a good time walking up and down every isle in the store and picking out stuff. I'm excited about the things we picked out. However there are several items I know we will need but I don't have a freaking clue what for or how to use them! I guess we'll learn. I also ordered all of the furniture for baby's room - see post below for pictures.

After my overwhelming registry experience I decided to sign us up for a newborn care class. I figured it wouldn't hurt and anything that will give me a little more confidence in caring for a baby is a good thing. Also, I tend to learn better (and listen more) to strangers than people I know. Don't ask me why - just one of my quarks. I also signed us for for the hospital tour - and Brad laughed at me. I may not want to know a lot about giving birth, but I do want to know where I'm supposed to go and what the rooms look like.

The only other productive thing we did this weekend was clean out the garage. It's amazing how much we got rid of and donated. Now there is plenty of room to move furniture out of the guest room (soon to be baby room) and into the garage. I've got to start cleaning out the guest room - once that it done Brad gets to paint.

Onto the baby update - baby girl is the length of a random food item this week - Spaghetti Squash. Seriously, could they not come up with something a little more normal that is 11 inches long?!?!?! Each week our little baby starts to look more and more like a baby. Eyebrows, eyelids and lips are filling in. Check out the entire update from BabyCenter.

We've got another doctor's appointment tomorrow. After 12 weeks I will finally see MY doctor again. It will be nice to touch base with her and find out what is next.

We also get to have another sonogram on Friday! A good friend of my mother-in-law works at a pregnancy clinic and has set us up with a sonogram appointment. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures of baby that I can share with y'all.


  1. I did not register when I was preggers with S. It seemed to daunting. Glad you got it finished. Hooray for 22 weeks!! Any more belly rubs from strangers? Where are you registered?

  2. No more belly rubs but the same lady asked if she could take a picture of my belly - just for her. She's strange and starting to freak me out a little bit. We registered at Babies R Us.



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