Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week #21

Another trip to the zoo, ice cream, and lots of goofing off! This week we had a lot of fun and a happy girl!

Saturday, May 19 - After we left the zoo on Friday, Emily said, "I want to go to the zoo with Daddy!" I told Brad what she said and we went back to the zoo Saturday morning. Buying those season passes sure has paid off! Emily loves the birds at the zoo. This is the first time she let the bird stick on the popsicle stick and eat. She was so exited.

Sunday, May 20 - This is just a classic Emily face. I love it.

Monday, May 21 - I was about to cut a pineapple and Emily said, "I can do it Mama!" She went to her room and pulled out some of her kitchen toys to cut the pineapple. She tried the egg beaters and then decided that a knife was a better choice.

Tuesday, May 22 - Our friend Nik was in town! It's been almost a year since Emily has seen Nik but she warmed right up to him! I'm sad Nik's wife Maggie wasn't able to make the trip, but it was so good to see Nik!

Wednesday, May 23 - Emily loves playing with her baby dolls right now. She decided that this one (her name changes daily) need a new diaper. She set up a blanket, got out the wipes, and all of the baby's diapers. It was so cute. Emily also loves wearing her tutu to bed.

Thursday, May 24 - First popsicle (dreamsicle) of the year! I'm pretty sure Banjo ate more of it than Emily. And I'm pretty sure Banjo had more of it on her, too. Emily found it very funny to let the dreamsicle melt onto Banjo. Silly girls.

Friday, May 25 - Horsey ride from Daddy!

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