Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project 365 - Week #20

This week kicked my butt! I got sick Saturday and spent all day in bed. The rest of the week I still didn't feel great and eventually went to the doctor (quack in a box) Thursday morning . I'm pretty sure the doctor just wanted to get rid of me - he wrote my FIVE, yes five, prescriptions for what he called "really bad bronchitis." I refuse to take all of the meds, but I'm finally starting to feel better!

Saturday, May 12 - This was the only picture I took all day. Banjo and her orange monster spent a lot of time in bed with me. She was a sweet dog. Brad and Emily spent the going out to breakfast, painting, riding her bike, going to McDonald's, and playing. She was a happy little girl. And I'm so thankful to Brad planning a fun day for her so I could rest.

Sunday, May 13 - Mother's Day! We spent the morning with Brad's family at church, watching his nephew get dedicated, and then headed out to lunch. Emily managed to end up with ice cream after lunch and dinner! I just thought this picture of her enjoying her lunch ice cream is too cute! The second picture is Emily and my mom together (right before getting ice cream #2). I had a sweet, but busy Mother's Day. Brad and Emily got me a Kindle Fire (LOVE IT!). I had a really sweet day with my family, just wish I would have felt better.

Monday, May 14 - Emily has found a new favorite show, Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior. She loves this show and asks to watch it multiple times a day. She was eating her yogurt and singing along with the show.

Tuesday, May 15 - Cutting potatoes and making me dinner.

Wednesday, May 16 - Emily dropped her toothpaste cap down the sink. We ended up with a new faucet. Please excuse the horrible black and gold counter tops.

Thursday, May 17 - She missed the ball and ended up on her butt about .5 seconds after I took this. She loves kicking her soccer ball in the backyard. I just asked her if she wanted to take a dance class or join a soccer team - she picked the soccer team.

Friday, May 18 - We spent Friday at the zoo with Addi and Meredith. The two girls had so much fun together! The bad thing was my camera battery died right after I took this picture. :(
Emily keeps taking about Addi coming over to swim soon!

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