Friday, January 20, 2012

Week #3 - 365 Challenge

I'm still going strong with this challenge! I'm having fun with this challenge, but it makes me really, really want a better camera. Maybe on day. . .

This week there was a lot of good stuff to take pictures of. It's been hard to pick just one (or two) pictures for each day.

Jan. 14 - We spent some time at the park. Emily wanted to push Brad on the swings. This is her attempt.

Jan. 15 - Sketch photo of the yarn wrapper letters on our mantle.

Jan. 16 - Brad doesn't think all of my photos are funny. He was seems a little annoyed with my photo taking :)

Jan. 17 - Cuddling before bed. Emily loves to get in our bed. She'll often just go back to our room and climb in bed on her own.

Jan. 18 - Shelley, Brad's sister, went into labor Wednesday evening. This is Emily hanging out with "My Shelley" before her baby cousin arrived.

Jan. 19 - Logan is here! Logan arrived at 3:59 a.m. Thursday morning. We went up to the hosptial Thursday afternoon to hang out with the family. We had to wait downstairs for a little while and Brad kept Emily busy by throwing her up super high.
The other pictures are baby Logan and our family. Emily, while acting excited for Logan, gets very shy when she's around him

Jan. 20 - We hit up the stock show Friday afternoon. Emily had fun feeding the goats in the petting zoo.

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