Friday, January 13, 2012

Week #2 - 365 Challenge

Two weeks down, fifty more to go. There were a couple days this week I took a lot of pictures. And there were also a couple days I almost forgot. I've had fun playing with the settings on my very simple point-and-shoot. And I've also enjoyed using picnic to edit the pictures.

Here's week #2:

Jan. 7 - Emily put her animals in time-out. She told us they "weren't listening" to her. Guess what she has to go to timeout for?

Jan. 8 - Brad (in red) playing basketball at our church. He's playing in a 3-on-3 league. The second picture of the day is Emily and one of her friends at church "watching" the game. I'm pretty sure they had more fun running around the gym and playing with the camera.

Jan. 9 - Eating her cereal before school. She requested that Pelly and the basketball sit at the table with her.

Jan. 10 - Banjo just begging for me to get Porky. Basically she just wants to prove that she has faster reflexes.

Jan. 11 - Time for Banjo to get a bath. Banjo pretty much hates it. And Emily is trying to get Banjo to play with the bubbles during bath time. Banjo wasn't really interested in the bubbles.

Jan. 12 - Emily received a camera for Christmas. She LOVES playing with it and she takes it almost everywhere with us. This is on our way to school one morning - she wanted to take a picture of her school, so I took a picture of her.

Jan. 13 - Banjo waiting for Brad to get home.

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