Friday, January 27, 2012

Project 365 - Week #4

This has been a crazy week for our family. Between long hours at work, running all over town, and visiting family at the hospital, we have not been home very much. I'm happy to report that Emily's new cousin, Logan, and her aunt, "My Shelley," should finally be going home from the hospital today. Woohoo!

Here's the rundown of what we did this week:

Saturday, Jan. 21 - Art class. This is E making a treasure box - she loved the glitter

Sunday, Jan. 22 - Sweet baby Logan

Monday, Jan. 23 - Emily "swinging like a monkey."

Tuesday, Jan. 24 - Nonie made a tent for Emily in Shelley's hospital room. Emily wanted Peepaw to join her.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 - We had to wait in the family waiting room at the hospital for a little bit. Emily had fun playing with the coke machine.

Thursday, Jan. 26 - We made a trip to the park and Emily had so much fun playing in the puddles. By the time we went some she was soaking wet and a happy girl.

Friday, Jan. 27 - M & M time. We are trying to potty train, but Emily isn't really that interested. We are using M & Ms as a reward.

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