Sunday, May 30, 2010

She Walked!

Yep, Emily has taken her first steps.

Wednesday night Emily was standing up in the living room, crying, ready for her bottle and bed. Instead of getting her bottle and putting her to bed, I encouraged her to take a few steps towards me - and she did. She cried the whole way - but she made it. Then she did it again.

Everyday we try and get her to walk on her own a little bit more. Today she tried a few times on her own, without our encouragement. I think the most steps she's taken at one time is five or six. But she did it! She's not a walker yet - but she's on her way!

We tried to get it on video tonight, but Emily wasn't really into showing off for the camera. Soon - very soon - I'll get it on video.

(Don't ya just love the cheesy, generic photo I added?)

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