Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ziplock Obsession

I have an obsession.

An obsession with Ziplock bags.

This is a new obsession and something I didn't even realize until Brad made fun of me for it. He was getting something out of the diaper bag the other day and asked me which pocket it was in. I told him, "center section, in a Ziplock bag." He just laughed, rolled his eyes and said, "I know it's in a Ziplock bag, everything is in a Ziplock bag." He then pulled out about 5 or 6 bags of stuff.

There's a bag with Emily's bibs, her food bag, another bag with a change of clothes, a bag of burp rags, one with her bottle parts, and I have a couple empty Ziplock bags in there, too. I've even done this with Emily's daycare bag. Ok, ok - maybe I'm a little obsessed with putting everything in a bag. But in my defense - it makes everything so much easier to find and put away. And I always have a bag in case something gets dirty.

Looking back, I think my obsession started around Christmas. When I was packing up Emily's stuff for our trip I put all of it in Ziplock bags. I put a different outfit, socks, matching headband and a bib in a Ziplock bag. It made it very easy to dress her each day. I just grabbed a bag and knew all of the "parts" would be there. I'm even thinking about doing that for myself next time I go on a trip.

I do have a love for the Space Saver bags, too. Ya know the ones that are on TV and show you how 18 comforters become really thin if you put them in the bag and suck all the air out. I love those bags! I have tons of clothes stored in those things. They are the grown-up version of Ziplock bags.

So now that I've admitted to my obsession - what else can I use zip-lock bags for? Help feed my obsession.

PS - if you type Ziplock a lot, it looks really funny.

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