Sunday, April 4, 2010


I really like all of the traditions and celebrations that come along with holidays. I'm always thinking of ways we can celebrate with Emily as she gets older. I look forward to special days feeling special.

I can't wait until Emily is old enough to dye Easter eggs and run around the yard finding them. I want her to tell stories about how her Daddy hid the eggs in places that were impossible to find. I'm already excited thinking about the day that she will come running out of her room to see what Santa left for her. And don't even get me started on her birthdays (birthdays are my favorite). When she grows up, I want her remember those special days and how special they were.

But more than anything, I want Emily to remember what those special days mean. I want her to know the Easter story. I want her to know that we celebrate Easter because Jesus has risen - that there is life in death. I want her to know that Christmas isn't just about the number of gifts that are unwrapped but the true Gift that was given to the world.

We don't have any Easter traditions but I look forward to starting our own next year.


And yes, I'm already thinking of ideas for Emily's birthday day - it's only 4 months away!

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