Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our (Brad's) Weekend Project

We've been trying to find a functional (and cute) piece of furniture to fit into the entryway of our house. About a year a ago we purchased a hall tree off Craig's List with the intent of fixing it up and putting it in the hall way. We started the project and worked on it for a good 2 weeks- a year later the hall tree has been taken apart and is in the garage.

We now have a new project! Check out the picture of Brad's newest idea for the hallway. He plans on building it this weekend! He's already been to Home Depot for (most of) the supplies. I'm guessing we'll be there at least 3 more times this weekend. BUT I'm really excited to see how the project turns out. I'm also excited to have a useful piece of furniture in that spot. He got the idea from this blog.

Anyone with any construction ability is welcome to join us! I'll post before and after pictures sometime this weekend. I don't make any promises that it will be finished this weekend either - Brad is having a poker tournament Saturday night and we all know what's more important.

Other than building and poker there will be lots of basketball watching happening in our house. I'm not really happy with my brackets - but I couldn't figure out how to change them up at all. Oh well - maybe Brad can win it again this year to make up for my horrible picking skills. Have a good weekend!

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  1. I almost didn't recognize the photo, because the area never looks like that. Each of the six of us usually has two coats, one or two pairs of shoes, four back packs, bags... you name it! I usually have to throw something on the floor to sit on the bench and lace up my shoes. Anyway, it's my most functional project. Make sure you back the beadbaord with 3/4" plywood - those backpacks get heavy. I've only had to replace one hook that actually snapped right off the base! Good Luck.



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