Monday, March 16, 2009

18 down...22 to go

Let me start by saying that I believe everyone should have a Spring Break. It would be so nice to have a week off of work and not have to use vacation time. That would be wonderful. I'm jealous of all of you that have a spring break.

Baby update:
Someone, I won't name names (but you can read his blog), has decided that the baby's nickname is "Chubs." No, I don't like the nickname but it makes me laugh everytime I hear it. And if any of you call the baby (or me) Chubs I might have the same reaction as the belly touching. But yes, I've changed the nickname in the poll from "Lemon" to "Chubs"

According the to the Baby Center update "Chubs" is about 5.5 inches from head to rump and weighs about 7 ounces. No worries this week, I won't have any desire to eat the food baby is compared to - I'm not a fan of bell peppers. If you want the entire update hurry on over to Baby Center.

Baby is moving around a lot more, flexing his arms and legs. I have no idea if what I'm feeling is him or just my body growing and stretching. I just feel like something is poking me. If anyone asks if I feel anything I just answer no. It's easier than going into detail or saying, I'm not really sure. I've learn the fewer conversations I can have with strangers about pregnacy, the happier I am. Don't worry - if I know you I'll answer your questions :)

Next doctor's appointment is Wednesday. This should just be a routine and basic appointment. I get to see another different doctor, again. I have no idea what to expect from her. But she really can't be much worse than the last one.

Those of you that are on Spring Break this week - enjoy it! Just know I'm sitting at work very jealous of you.

Edit - stupid blogger won't let me change "lemon" to "chubs" on the poll. sorry about that.

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  1. just to set the recordstraight...Carrie's cousin, Patrick was the first to be "named" Chubs...his thighs were fat rolls and rolls and rolls...neat blog, Luv ya guys!



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