Monday, March 30, 2009

20 weeks is bananas

We've reached the half way point!

So what's going on with baby chubs this week? He's now the size of a banana - about 10 inches long. I learned that the first 2- weeks baby is measured from head to rump - but now that baby is stretching out the measurements are from head to toe. That's why there is such an increase in size (last week he measured about 6 inches). He's swallowing more and kicking. Yes, I can feel him kicking more and more. I keep trying to feel a kick on the outside so Brad can feel something. But I don't think it's strong enough yet. If you want all of the details check out Baby Center.

Thursday is the BIG day - Sonogram day! Our appointment is at 4pm but who knows what time I'll actually get called back. Last time my appointment was at 2:45pm and I got called back to the room right before 4:00pm. I left the office at 4:30pm. It was a great afternoon. I am excited because my regular doctor will be back for this appointment! woohoo!

EDIT - The appointment was just changed from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning. GRRRRRR.

I got a massage on Friday and it was wonderful! I haven't had a headache since then - it's been wonderful. I got some stretches to do and other suggestions to help keep the headaches away.

If you haven't cast your vote for the gender you are running out of time! Brad and I think it's kinda funny how many of you think (or want) baby chubs is a little girl. Right now the girl votes almost double the boys. It's cute.

I did look up some Wives Tales that are supposed to determine the gender. Here are my results:
Chinese Gender Chart: Boy
String Over the hand/belly: Girl Boy (64% chance)
Heart Rate: Girl (above 140 says girl and baby chubs has been around 150 each time)
Morning Sickness: None - Boy
Amazing Pregnancy Test: Girl (68% chance)

And these were no help at all! 3 for a boy and 3 for a girl. If you can think of anymore for me to try between now and Wednesday night - let me know! And no, I will not try the Draino test!

I'll report back Thursday night (EDIT: Friday Morning). Have a good week!

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