Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project 365 - Week #16

I was on my own this week - Brad was in New Jersey for work Monday - Friday. Emily and I stayed very busy this week; we had something planned every night. The biggest thing we've been doing this week is working on potty training. E has been doing great!

Saturday, April 14 - Emily has been asking to fly a kite for a long time. Saturday, we went over the school field and tried to fly our kites. It was a windy day, but the wind would not cooperate with us. Emily ran all over the field trying to get her little ladybug kite to fly. Brad and I fought with the purple kite. We finally got the ladybug up for a couple minutes. Emily was happy and tired. She's already asking to do it again.

Sunday, April 15 - We got ice cream after dinner. This is Emily's cup of ice cream - strawberry ice cream with Reece's Pieces. I just liked the cup, so I took a picture.

Monday, April 16 - Emily is really into Mr. Potato Head lately. We played with him a lot Monday night.

Tuesday, April 17 - We had a few minutes to kill between the time that I picked her up from school and our dinner plans. We stopped at the mall and Emily picked out these new shoes. I had fun putting these shoes in front of white wrapping paper and playing with the settings on my camera.

Wednesday, April 18 - Mimi and Nonie (E's grandmothers) came over for dinner. After dinner E, Mimi, and Nonie played and played and played. Emily loves the "Where's Waldo Books" - she is really good at finding Waldo.

Thursday, April 19 - E's Mr. Potato Head creations.

Friday, April 20 - Emily requested that we plant flower Friday morning. So, we got up bright and early Friday morning and bought lots and lots of flowers for the backyard. I let her pick out the type and color. These are my favorite pink flowers that she picked out.

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