Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 365 - Week #14

This was a crazy week! The last day of camping, Emily's baptism, tornadoes, and prepping for Easter. It's been a crazy week around our house. I'm so glad the week is over!

Saturday, March 31 - E and Brad returned from camping early that afternoon. We took it easy around the house the rest of the day. Emily made an Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 1 - Emily's baptism! This is a picture of our family with our sweet pastor, Rev. Estee. Emily isn't too sure of Estee in this picture, but she really does love Estee. The second picture is Emily and me at lunch after church. I don't have many pictures of me with Emily and this is one of my favorite.

Monday, April 2 - Emily has been taking a tumbling class on Mondays. We got to the rec center a little bit early, so I let her play in the lockers. She was happy.

Tuesday, April 3 - Tuesday was stressful. Tornadoes came through our area and neighborhood. Thankfully, we were not home when the weather hit. Our house and street are just fine, but others that are so close to us weren't nearly as lucky. Many, many, many people have lost their roofs and several have lost everything! These pictures are just a small sample of the damage within a third of a mile of our house. The last one shows Emily's innocence throughout the whole thing. She had no clue what was going on - she was just happy we were spending so much time outside (we had no power).  It's a huge blessing that there haven't reports of major injuries and no deaths. The day was so scary and unreal.

Wednesday, April 4 - Playing with her kitchen.

Thursday, April 5 - E playing store with Nonie. E loves to take your order and bring back whatever you request.

Friday, April 6 - Sitting in the turtle at the zoo.

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