Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week #15

This has been a strange, strange week. The whole week just felt a little bit off. It went by really, really fast (good thing!) but it was just strange.

Saturday, April 7 - Aunt 'Ney, a friend's mother, sends Emily a dollar every holiday. Emily loves to get Aunt Ney's cards in the mail and put her dollar in her piggy bank. While she was riding her trike on Saturday, I checked the mail and Emily's card arrived. I told her she had some mail and she stopped riding her bike in the middle of the street to open her card. She LOVES getting mail from Aunt Ney!

Sunday, April 8 - Easter Sunday! It was a great day. Brad wasn't feeling well, so Emily and I went to church alone. She sat though the service with me and did great (she is usually in the nursery). Following church, Emily and I had Easter lunch at Whataburger (her choice). After Emily woke up from her nap, she opened her Easter basket, and we headed to Mimi's house for an egg hunt and dinner with the family. Emily had so much fun looking for eggs and being the center of attention. I'm not sure if Emily was more excited for Easter or Christmas.

Monday, April 9 - My job opted to close the Monday after Easter instead of Good Friday. I had the day to myself! Banjo and I cleaned out Emily's closet and caught up on a few things that needed to get done around the house. This is Banjo with her new duck. She loves this duck and won't leave it alone.

Tuesday, April 10 - After dinner Emily got pink eye. One second it wasn't there, the next her all was red and gross. We made a quick trip to Care Now for eye drops. This is how Brad entertained Emily while we waited for the doctor.

Wednesday, April 11 - I took Emily to work with me Wednesday morning. She was great and enjoyed all of the attention from my co-workers. She was watching a movie on my laptop and playing with a keyboard that wasn't hooked up to a computer. She was a little board at this point. Not long after I took this picture, she was doing forward rolls down the hall and yelling at people to come play with her.

Thursday, April 12 - Making a bead necklace.

Friday, April 13 - We had dinner with friends Friday night. This is Emily and her buddy Kyle. Emily loves Kyle and thinks that "he's silly!" (Kyle's mom is Aunt Ney)

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