Sunday, July 11, 2010

Emily's Birthday

In just over a month Emily Kate will be 1. And I'm so excited about her birthday party.

I always told myself that I wouldn't go crazy for her first birthday, and I'm really trying not to, but I'm having so much fun planning it. I made the invitations and had them printed (they should be here Tuesday), I've found a ton of different decorating ideas, and I've ordered the cakes (3 to exact - 1 for everyone to eat, 1 for Emily to smash at her party and another for her to smash at her 1 year pictures). And If I'm not careful my house will be covered in purple with supplies for her party very soon. I know that Emily isn't going to remember this party. She wouldn't care if we didn't celebrate her birthday at all. But, I'm having fun!  

We are teaching Emily to hold up 1 finger when asked, "How old are you?" Hopefully after a month of practice she'll be able to "perform" the trick at her party. 

Any party tips or suggestions? Anything I need stay away from? Any entertaining ideas?

And here's the soon-to-be-birthday girl in her little robe after swimming one afternoon.

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