Thursday, July 15, 2010

11 Months!

Happy 11th Month Birthday, Emily Kate!

Our little girl is quickly growing out of the baby stage and into toddler-hood. So what has Emily been up to this month?

- She is on all table food - no more baby food. She has 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday. She loves graham crackers, beans, cheese, waffles
- She's a full time walker (has been for a while). Once she figured out how that she could walk, she was done with crawling.
- She "runs" around the room with Brad (video to come)
- She's figured out how to open cabinets.
- I can say, "Go to bed" or "let's take a nap" and she'll go to her room. If I say, "Let's brush your teeth", she goes to the bathroom door.
- Has enjoyed many adventures in our little backyard pool.
- Wears mostly 12m clothing
- On daycare days she only takes 1 nap (I'm not really thrilled with this) but on the days I'm home with here - she still takes 2 good naps.
- She's drolling like crazy - I think another tooth is on it's way.
- Has had several injuries this month: fell at my mom's house and hit her cheek pretty bad, scratched up her lip with her cup, bit her lip at daycare (they thought she bit all the way through, but it wasn't that bad).
- She loves to "dance". It's so cute.

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