Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rough Weekend

Emily had a rough weekend. Stupid teething.

It all started Thursday night. She couldn't get comfortable and wouldn't stay asleep. I went into her room about 1 a.m. and noticed she spit-up / threw-up a little bit in her bed. I take her out and start changing her sheets. Brad comes in and asks how he can help, so I give him Emily. Not 15 seconds later, Emily thew-up, several times, all over him. We got everything cleaned up and went back to bed.

Friday morning Emily woke up with fever, 101. She took about half of her bottle, ate her breakfast, and couldn't seem to get enough water or juice. So her stomach seemed better. But she was not acting liking herself. About 9:15 a.m. she climbed into my lap and went to sleep until almost noon. She woke up and felt worse. Her fever was up over 102. All she did the rest of the day was sit in my lap and cry / whine. So sad.

We put her to bed earlier than normal, but she woke up SCREAMING around 10 p.m. Around 1 a.m. - she finally went back to sleep. I tried everything I could think of to get her to calm down - holding her, letting her run around, rocking, just sitting with her, watching TV, not watching TV, music, any stuffed animal I could find, a dose of her Zantac, teething tablets, teething ring (which she thought was funny), another bottle....finally, I changed her diaper and her PJs. When I picked her up, she crashed on my shoulder. She finally gave up.

Emily woke up around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday (pretty early considering she didn't go to sleep until 1 a.m.) and her fever was gone! Woohoo! I had plans to attend a baby shower at 3 p.m. and I figured a change of scenery do Emily some good. She took a short nap on the way - but she was so good at the shower. The rest of the day, she was a cranky baby. We made a mistake and went out to dinner - we couldn't get out of there fast enough. She slept pretty good Saturday night.

Today - she was happier, but not back to normal. She took two naps today (yay!) and went swimming with Daddy. But I'm very ready for my happy baby to be back. I'm ready for her tooth to come in and her not to be in pain. Hopefully she sleeps good tonight and is feeling even better tomorrow.

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