Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Weekend!

The snow has come and gone, but not without a little bit of excitement. The snow started on Thursday and kept coming for 24 hours. By the time it was done the DFW area was covered in 12+ inches of snow. I know that's not a lot to some of you - but that's A LOT for this area.

Thursday night is when all of the "fun" began around our house. We all went to sleep, Emily around 8 and the rest of us around 9:30. About 11pm I woke up to complete silence. We had no power. I went back to sleep, thinking it would it would be back on by the time we woke up. Well, I was wrong. No power. And we didn't have power again until Sunday morning.

We were supposed to take Emily to the doctor Friday morning we but didn't want to get on the road so we just bundled up and stayed in bed. Brad spent the day playing in the snow with the neighborhood kids, making hot dogs and warming bottles on the grill, shoveling driveways and hanging out with Emily and me. I spent the day trying to keep Emily entertained and warm. Around 2pm we decided to find a place to stay if the power didn't return. Our friend Kyle was the lucky volunteer. Around 4pm we headed to his place and setup camp.

Saturday we woke up and thought our power would be back on - no such luck. So we went to lunch, spent time with a few other friends and killed the day. We returned to Hotel Kyle for a second night. Emily was not thrilled sleeping in her Pack 'N Play and ended up with us for the night (aka - we didn't get any sleep).

Sunday morning I woke up and called the house right away - if the voice mail would pick up right away if the power was still off. No voice mail this time - it was ringing! We finally had power! We packed up all of our junk, took Kyle to breakfast and returned home. I don't think I've ever been so happy to be home! Next up was a trip to the grocery store to replace all of the food that was in a garbage bag on the curb.

Once we were settled it was time to leave, again. We headed to Cowboys Stadium for the NBA All-Star game. It fun - but a long night. We were both very ready to get home and left at the start of the 4th quarter.

So that was our crazy, busy and strange weekend!

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