Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's Emily's 1 Month Birthday!
(her shirt says so)

Emily has her 1 month check-up on Tuesday. I'm really interested to see how much she's grown. I'm also looking forward to the appointment because I'll get to meet Emily's new doctor. After Emily's 2 week appointment I decided he wasn't the right fit for us and his office was a little out of the way. I'm not excited about the appointment because Emily has to get a shot. I do have several questions for the doctor because it looks like Emily is dealing with colic or some acid reflux. Poor little girl just cries and cries. You can tell she hurts and we don't know how to make it better. It's so hard to watch her cry and cry and cry. Hopefully the doctor will have some advice for us.

It's so hard for me to watch her scream and not be able to help. By the end of the day I'm so frusted, not with her, but my inability to help her. Then I start crying and that makes Brad crazy. Sounds like fun, huh?

Other than colic/reflux Emily has been wonderful! When she's not crying she's so sweet and just looks around with her big blue eyes. Nights are still going pretty well - she's sleeping anywhere from 3-5 hours between feedings and usually goes right back to sleep after she eats. There have been many nights that I've fallen asleep with her on my chest. I love it! She is picking her head up more and more, and she can move it from side to side. She loves to play on the floor and kick her toys. She like hanging out in the sling. Somedays she likes riding in the car. Other days the car is the worst thing in the world. She likes to be swaddled at night and her Sleeping Sheep (plays soothing sounds) helps her go back to sleep when she starts to get fussy.

Last night Brad and I went out to dinner to celebrate Brad's birthday. We left Emily with Brad's parents for a couple hours. It was a nice break, but strange. We didn't have to time our outting with her sleeping/eating schedule or worry about her screaming in the middle of dinner. But we also missed her. She was screaming when we got home (of course). Emily did wear a special onesie yesterday, just for her Daddy. I think it was really sweet of her. Emily is very much Daddy's Little Girl - it's so sweet to watch them together.

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