Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project 365 - Week 27

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This week reminded of why I love summer. Sure, I don't really love the 100+ degree days. But I'll take them any day over the freezing cold, icy days. I do love summer. We don't live by the school calendar yet, but summer just feels different. I love that it's not dark until after 8 p.m. I love that we spend so much time outside. I love making ice creamI just love summer.

Saturday, June 30 - On our way to Brad's 20 year high school reunion. Brad's best friend Shaun, his wife Sumer, Brad, and me. You can read Brad's thoughts on the reunion here.

Sunday, July 1 - Emily is still talking about her play date with Addi. She wanted to write Addi's name on the easel and send it to her. She is now including Addi on her "list of best friends." The list is now Daddy, Sadie, Addi, and Reece.

Monday, July 2 - These two pictures are what summer is supposed to be - playing in the grass, no schedule, no worries in the world. I love 'em!

Tuesday, July 3 - Celebrating the 4th...on the 3rd. Emily had a great time. She loved her Jake and the Neverlands fan, dancing to the Spazmatics, and hanging out with Mimi. She did not love the fireworks - too loud.

Wednesday, July 4 - On the actual 4th we went to feed the ducks and had lunch at the food truck park. Emily loved her red velvet cupcake.

Thursday, July 5 - Meet Pelly, Emily's lovey. Yes, we own four Pellys. Let me introduce you to each one:
(from left to right). Pelly #1 - This is School Pelly (yes, his name is actually School Pelly). He goes to school with Emily everyday and keeps her company during nap time. If she refuses to nap, her teacher will take Pelly away. It's a great way to get her to nap.Pelly #2 - This is a back-up Pelly we keep at home. He travels with us from time to time. But he has come in handy. Pelly #3 - This is back-up Pelly #2. He stays at home, but doesn't get used much. Pelly #4 - This is THE Pelly. Emily lovey. When E gets hurt, she wants Pelly before she wants Mama (or Daddy)

Friday, July 6 - We had about an hour to kill while out running errands Friday morning. We stopped by the Children's museum and Emily had a good time building different shapes with the straws and connectors.

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