Friday, March 23, 2012

Project 365 - Week #12

I'm pretty sure I need to take a photography class. It's time to really learn how to use this new camera I got. Maybe I should read the instructions - that would probably help, too. And I'm sure I can find plenty of tutorials on Pinterest. But a class may be in my near future.

Enjoy pics from this week!

Saturday, March 17 - This is the picture that resulted in the new camera. Emily and I have read, "What Makes a Rainbow," everynight since Aunt Ney gave her the book. It's become Emily's new love. For St. Patrick's Day, we made a rainbow. I grabbed my camera to take a picture of Emily and her rainbow, only to discover a broken camera. This picture was taken with my cell phone. But I love this picture. Emily had a great time making the rainbow. She got to paint, color, use scissors, and play with glue. She was a happy girl!

Sunday, March 18 - Brad is already annoyed with me taking all sorts of pictures.

Monday, March 19 - Daddy and Emi being silly on the couch. They were growling at each other.

Tuesday, March 20 - Chick-fil-a night. Emi enjoying her ice cream.

Wednesday, March 21 - I'm not sure why she felt the need to wear her big jacket outside, but that's what she wanted. Love the big jack and flipflop look.

Thursday, March 22 - Daddy, Emi, and Banjo playing chase around the living room.

Friday, March 23 - Emi is starting to enjoy her Mr. Potato Head. Usually she moves all of the pieces from one of her purses to another, but Friday morning she created this little guy.

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