Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project 365 - Week #10

This week was all about Emily's new swing. She played with it every single day and LOVED every moment. I have a picture of her playing on it everyday. I thought about only posting swing pictures, but decided it break it up a little bit.
Enjoy this week's pictures.

Saturday, Feb. 3 - At Home Depot getting supplies for the new swing. They had fun at HomeDepot.

Sunday, Feb. 4 - Emily likes to run about the living room, waving her arms, saying, "Fly like a bird! Fly like a bird!" It's so funny.

Monday, Feb. 5 - Emily playing on her new swing. She wanted Brad to swing with her on the old swing.

Tuesday, Feb. 6 - Playing with macaroni and glue. She was a happy girl.

Wednesday, Feb. 7 - Playing on her new swing, again.

Thursday, Feb. 8 - Swinging like a monkey on her new swing.

Friday, Feb. 9 - Playing at the Children's Museum with her friend Ryan.

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